Welcome to the Counselor's Corner

About Mrs. Astuto

Mrs. Astuto has been a School Counselor for 30 years. She has been at Palmetto Elementary for 24 years. Some of the programs Mrs. Astuto coordinates include Bullying Prevention, Peace Week, No Place for Hate, Palmetto Pals, WatchDOGS, Red Ribbon Week, Acts of Kindness, 7 Habits of Happy Kids, Middle School Night, and Career and College Awareness. Mrs. Astuto also works with the Exceptional Student Education Program and the Gifted Program to complete required paperwork.

Mission Statement
To help students reach their academic, personal-social, health, and career/community potential. The ultimate goal is for students to gain skills to become self-directed and make responsible decisions and be successful contributors to society.
What Does A School Counselor Do?
A School Counselor works with…..
• Students (individual, group)
• Parents (consultation and collaboration)
• Teachers (professional support)
• Administrators (consultation and collaboration)
• Outside Agencies
• Other Student Services Professionals
When Do I See The School Counselor?
* to share good news
* if I have trouble with:
* my friends
* my school work
* my brothers and sisters
* if I get really nervous or worried at school
* if my parents are getting separated or divorced
* someone I love died
* if I need to talk to someone
If a parent needs some parenting tips or ideas, or
When my child is……..
*having trouble adjusting to a new school or new year
* having a difficult time making or keeping friends
* doing poorly with school work
* doing well academically and you want to inquire about Gifted testing
* in need of accommodations due to a medical diagnosis
How Do I See the Counselor?
• Students can self-refer by filling out a request form in the Media Center and putting the form in Mrs. Astuto’s mailbox
• Students can also ask the teacher if he/she can go to my office during the school day
• Parents can make a request by calling, emailing, or leaving a note in the main office
• Teachers and Administrators can refer a student to see me

Mrs. Astuto may be contacted by:
​Note: Drop off in the school office to be placed in my mailbox