Performing Arts 2016-2017 Board Members
President: Ari Sasso
Vice President: Alina Diez
Secretary: Silvia Nicolini
Treasurer: Martin Henry

Sarah Elizabeth Garcia was born in Miami on August 22, 2006 to Cuban and Colombian parents. She has a younger brother named Carlos Manuel.
Sarah is in fourth grade and has attended Palmetto Elementary since pre-school, she is a member of the National Elementary Honor Society, Chorus, and has played clarinet in the School Band. Her love for music comes from her father who has played the piano since childhood and teaches her.
Sarah has been in gymnastics, tennis, and fitness classes; also she is an active St. Louis Church member.
Sarah’s favorite things to do are singing, swimming, biking, boating, camping, watching movies, and drawing. She is very friendly and loves spending time with her family and friends.

Palmetto Elementary Music Department
Music Director: Oliver Diez

Winter Concert

Palmetto Elementary Cheerleading Squad
Coaches: Mrs. Juan and Mrs. McWilliams